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Click here to download a .pdf file the Table of Contents and Introduction to the A Mediator's Desk Guide to Mediation in Iowa.
A Mediator's Desk Guide to
Mediation in Iowa

by Christine L. Crilley

  • Certified Mediator by the Iowa Association of Mediators
  • Advanced Practitioner Nationally qualified by the Association for Conflict Resolution
  • Nationally approved Mediation Trainer by the Association for Conflict Resolution
  • Member of International Collaborative Professionals
  • Member of the Collaborative Lawyers of Eastern Iowa
  • Christine L. Crilley authors this informative 84-page desk guide to mediation in Iowa, available from Green Fern Publishing.
The Legislature, the Supreme Court of Iowa, the local programs and Judges, and Mediators have shaped a program of Mediation which, in reality, is a series of programs throughout the state and sometimes from Court room to Court room. 

The “law” in Iowa sets up general rules for Mediators but the Districts (and sometimes each county or each Judge or each program Director) -- depending on individual philosophies and feelings about Mediation -- have set up multiple programs in Iowa, with multiple rules and multiple ways of doing Mediation. 

The successful Mediator must navigate all these different programs, philosophies, and rules to have a viable Mediation practice.  This desk guide gives a concise description of all district programs existing at the time of publication.

The desk guide also provides:
  • Mediation Law in Iowa
  • Standards & Rules for Mediation in Iowa
  • Practical Tips
Use this 84-page desk guide as a quick reference. It is not intended to be comprehensive but is a quick, short, and easy to access format.

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